The Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma was set up in 1963, on the initiative of 23 producers with the objectives of safeguarding the genuine product, its tradition and the image represented by the designation ‘Parma’. Since 1970, when the first law on Parma Ham was passed, it is the official body in charge for safeguarding, protecting and promoting the the Designation of Origin “Prosciutto di Parma”.

Nowadays the Consortium associates the 130 producers of Parma Ham

Tasks and functions

Management and Safeguard of the Production Regulations

were filed at the European Union for the Protected Designation of Origin “Parma Ham”. These Regulations set out the rules relating to the production of Parma Ham.

Management of the Economic Policy,

includes formulation of strategies, trends and macro-economic policies for Parma Ham.

Definition of Quality Control Schedules

It is now possible to scientifically check that the hams meet the quality requirements in terms of amount of salt, degree of humidity and level of proteolysis.

Supervision, in general terms, concerning the correct observance of provisions laid down by law and by regulations,

at the breeding farms, slaughterhouses, producers and traders at all levels; full time inspectors act as Judiciary Police Agents. These inspectors may carry out any type of verification, inspection or control of whoever produces, packages, keeps or sells hams in any type of establishment. Any incorrect procedures recorded will be prosecuted with administrative, civil or penal measures.

Protection of the denomination “Parma Ham” and of the relative brand (Ducal Crown) world-wide

The Consortium protects the use of the denomination “Parma Ham” and the relative brands, stamps and identification seals, and for the suppression of any illegal use of the same, or any act of unfair competition. To do this, the Consortium can take any suitable measure, including legal measures, in particular in countries where the product is widely marketed.

Assistance to associated companies

through advisory services and other support is offered to improve production and marketing of Parma Ham

Promoting and enhancing the product

The Consortium of Parma Ham also provides marketing support to enhance the image of Parma Ham worldwide.

Economic figures



Parma Ham producing companies


Parma Ham branded in 2023


  • Italy: 67%
  • Export: 33%

The branch


pig farms




processing workers in the sector


employees in the whole branch

Parma Ham value

850 million euros

production value

285 million euros

export turnover

1.700 million euros

revenue from consumer sales

Pre-sliced Parma Ham

83 million packs sold in 2023

  • Italy: 31%
  • Export: 69%


Rules and regulations governing the Parma Ham branch

The producers

Parma Ham producers are a very big family: 130 firms are constantly at work to give this healthy, 100% natural product to the world. Day after day, they carefully watch over the production phases, in order for the process to be perfectly completed. We would like to introduce them to you.

The Consortium and the network of geographical indications

The Consortium has always paid particular attention to the protection and promotion of Parma Ham in collaboration with other Consortia of PDO and PGI products. For this reason the Consortium is a founding member of organizations representing Geographical Indication products such as the Italian Association of Geographical Indications Consortia – OriGIn Italia – and the Organization for an International Geographical Indications Network – oriGIn Worldwide and oriGIn Europe – at a global and European level, two non-for-profit Non-Governmental organizations (NGO) that promote the development of the agri-food sector and work to ensure effective protection of Geographical Indication products at an international level.

Member of

Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma
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