CSQA and IFCQ publish the data regarding the pig production chain for GIs  | Traceability and Total Transparency for the PDO Pig Production Chain

CSQA and IFCQ publish the data regarding the pig production chain for GIs  | Traceability and Total Transparency for the PDO Pig Production Chain


A big step forward with the new monitoring system put in place by the Protection Consortiums of Prosciutto di Parma PDO and Prosciutto di San Daniele PDO. 

Transparency, identification and traceability at every step of production of designations Prosciutto di San Daniele PDO and Prosciutto di Parma PDO thanks to the development of a totally computerised traceability system (Registro Italiano Filiera Tutelata) that is the pillar of the new control plans that have been in place since 1 January 2020.

This important result was reached thanks to the Pig Production Chain Report, the first monthly report containing fundamental data about designation of origin production chain, created by sharing controlled, certain and reliable information starting from the birth of the pigs up until the certification of the haunches.

A project that implemented thanks to the Protection Consortiums, the collaboration of all the sector players and associations that represent them, and the cooperation and willingness to share information between the certification authorities CSQA (for Parma Ham PDO) and IFCQ (for San Daniele Ham PDO).

A substantial result that for the first time discloses all the information regarding the pig production chain for Geographical Indications. A gesture of total transparency towards consumers and other stakeholders, the result of an important evolution process that began on 1 January 2020 with the approval of a new control plan approved by the Ministry of agriculture, food and forest policies.

A system that results from a meticulous selection and supervision process that involves over 3,913 recognized sector players (pig farms and abattoirs) and can be summarised in the following numbers, which refer to the first six months of 2020: 5,238,631 branded pigs, 3,636,825 slaughtered pigs complying with standards, resulting in 5,326,060  haunches approved for the production of meat products for Geographical Indication production chains.    These numbers are evidence of the size of the production chain, the production trend, the fluctuations during the year, the availability of raw materials.

Very important and significant numbers for two great products in the certified agrifood made-in-Italy sector, which also shows its value through a transparency process with data that had never been shown on the market before.




Vittorio Capanna, President of the Parma Ham Consortium

The health of a production chain also derives from the trust between the professionals that are part of it, and the awareness of working correctly for the common good.   The new Registro Italiano Filiera Tutelata (RIFT) is in fact able to ensure higher transparency and clarity in the relationships that make up the production chain. For us, this is another important building block for the relaunch of our sector, which began one year ago with the changes to the Production Specifications and then new control plan. This relaunch aims at distinguishing Parma Ham even more and strengthening the fraud prevention system to guarantee a safer product for consumers.


Giuseppe Villani, President of the San Daniele Ham Consortium

For San Daniele Ham, PDO data are becoming increasingly more important. These data have now become more objective and transparent thanks to the implementation of the portal, for the collection and recording of all the PDO production chain numbers, allowing the sector professionals to learn in real time also the results of the control activity. All of this leads to a new awareness of the trends of the PDO production chain and, eventually, of the market.


Pietro Bonato, CEO and General Manager of CSQA

“Data transparency is an important choice that aims at fostering trust between stakeholders and towards the market. We have worked hard and in synergy to reach this result, with the strong commitment of collaborators and production chain players who rigorously applied the new control plans and operational procedures. This result is an excellent modus operandi, which proves that teamwork is effective and generates benefits for the entire sector, increasing the credibility and the guarantee of Made-in-Italy products.


Ludovico Picotti, Sole Director of IFCQ

The computerisation of the protected pig production chain was the foundation for the reform of the Prosciutto di San Daniele PDO control system. The RIFT portal is an innovative tool guaranteeing traceability, transparency and immediacy in the acquisition of data from PDO professionals within the system. In addition, it supports inspection activities.  The RIFT allows for swift monitoring of PDO production chain products, thus protecting the final consumer.






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